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The Thach Creations™ is a creative unit whose roots date back to more than 150 years. The unit is currently under the management of Neovista Group Of Companies, with Shri Ramesh Warrier as the Managing Director. He is the Son of Eminent personality Sri.C S V Warrier and Grand son of Captain A C S Warrier. Sri.Ramesh Warrier is an Architect by profession.
Having passed out as a gold medalist from the Famed “Academy Of Architecture” Mumbai (Bombay) he is now specializing in “Space Creation & Space Management”.
We aim at creating well managed spaces with the four prominent Factors, namely,

  • The Building
  • Its interiors
  • Its Occupants and
  • It’s Landscape

in perfect harmony and in a mutually complimenting mode. Thereby converting a piece of Land into a place with pleasant self sustaining elements.

3D model of the Church at Adoor

Our Vision

To create lasting lush green surroundings with emphasis to Native Plants & Trees (some of which have nearly disappeared), minimal change to the existing topography and gradient, creative usage of existing water bodies, with complimenting superstructure and interiors which will in turn provide a healing touch to the occupants and do its bit in preserving the Ozone Layer and also giving a helping hand to control global warming.

We offer a wide range of services viz…

  1. Landscape design
  2. Garden Design
  3. Irrigation Design
  4. Building Design
  5. Interior Design
  6. Furniture Design
  7. Wooden Joinery
  8. Mural Paintings & Sculptures
  9. Restoration and Renovation Experts

Building Design

We have a team of Architects who can give specialized design solutions as per clients requirement be it Traditional like “Nalukettu” (Homes with one centrally located courtyard) & “Ettukettu” (Homes with Two courtyards forming a figure of Eight) to the latest & Trendy Cuboids or Parametric design aspects.

Our Building contracting firm is quite capable of undertaking Superstructure construction & maintenance services to perfection…

Interior Design

Our Team of Experts can Rollout wonderful and elegant designs of Interior suiting to the Personality, Likes & attributes of the occupant. We can give user friendly designs both Traditional & Trendy from our Design studio.Our Interior contracting firm is quite capable of undertaking Flawless interior creation works, construction & maintenance services to our esteemed clientele.

Interior Designing

Landscape design

We offer various designs which are soothing and self sustaining using a wide and varying range of natural elements and thereby giving a perfect symphony for the said area to its surroundings. There are Landscapes capable of creating Good Health (Healing Landscapes), which Encourages meditation (Meditative Landscapes), which can give a calming effect (Calming Landscapes), which can induce Bhakthi (Faith) – (Temple Gardens) and finally the regular landscapes or the concept of popular Gardens. All of the above mentioned is impeccably implemented with outmost dedication and completed in time with respect to the client’s requirement.
Our Landscape contracting firm is quite capable of undertaking Landscape maintenance services & Irrigation Planning.

Furniture Design

We can help you in designing & Creation of Furniture, Exclusive Interior Sculptures in wood, metal, stone, Glass or Mix Matched media as per your desire.

Design Implementation (Contracting)

We also have a team of highly skilled Laborers, Sculpturers, Mural Painting Experts, Engineers & Supervisors who will assist you in implementing the designs finelised by you and our design studio to the hilt to your outmost satisfaction.

You are requested to get in touch with us for all your design related Queries. We would be delighted to be of service to you.

Contact Person

Arc.Ramesh Warrier
Phone: 0471- 3055811
Mobile: +91 9895644336

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