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Babu Cherian & Associates

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Homes Like Heaven Like Never before………
Designs that radiate warmth and an aura of timelessness…., designs which are the realization of a desire to integrate the natural elements make Babu Cherian an architect with a difference.

This exceptionally talented, enterprising young architect is one of the rising stars of architecture in India and has many a feather to his cap.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the T.K.M. College of Engineering, Quilon, Kerala, he commenced his career with Architect Dinesh Rajeshrike & Associates, Mumbai as an Apprentice Architect. It was in 1995 that he began his own private practice and to date has come out with creative design solutions that interact with the environment.

Babu Cherian has set up a strong general architectural & urban design practice with clients across public, private and voluntary sectors. Versatile, adaptive and creative designs makes his works prominent with an identical creative excellence.. A unique combination of resources, skills and vision, he often draws inspirations from the spectacular land scenario of Kerala and the architect in him steps into the spirit and character of the Kerala style of architecture.

His recent works are interpretations of the traditional Kerala style with their sloping roofs laid with Mangalore – pattern tiles and plastered walls rendering a feeling of timelessness leading you to a bygone era. His residences strikes a chord between architecture and people. A perfect harmony of interiors and landscapes is achieved with a selection of vibrant colours and materials. In fact his works have tread the global path many a time and provided architectural and design services internationally.

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