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Arjun & Associates

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Arjun and Associates is the first group to re-introduce “Vaastu Sastra” in design and construction of any building in Kerala

Arjun and Associates– is the first and only group of engineers and architects specialized in designing and construction of all types of buildings esp. ” NAALUKETTU ” based on primitive vaastu science incorporated with modern architecture.

Every man has a dream to own a house in which after a days hard work , he could spend some happy hours with his family members. The common man aspires for long life with good health and without any worries.

Vaastushasthram is the science of architecture that gives the guidelines for construction of a building in terms of numerical measurements which is imperfect blend with nature and surroundings that accords a balance with all natural forces. Thus resulting in peaceful, healthy and prosperous living.

Arjun Associates New Brand ” Arjun Vastu Builders and Engineers Pvt Ltd ” Started Operations at Dubai also Along with Kerala for serving NRI Clients and Dubai Based Constructions. Under the New Roof Arjun Vast Builders and Engineers Start Cosntruction and Selling of Vaastu based Villas at Kazhakootam Near Technoprak Trivandrum and Thaliyal Thrivandrum

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